May 30

Moving to the East was proof of what you already knew - Nigerian parents are annoying. Unprovoked! Everyone and their mama was going to Uniben, Delsu - or even Babcock. The rich people's children were going to Canada. It was the first time you heard the word. Canada! To you, it sounded like snow, cold … Continue reading May 30

The Rains (5)

I should have known from the way thunder rolled in the distance, that something was wrong and it wasn't just the rain. Even when I tried to open the gate and the latch jammed my little finger, I should have known that it was a sign. The first sign I took note of, was Eniobong … Continue reading The Rains (5)

When They See Us / Nigerian Twitter

Ladies, Gentlemen and other individuals, welcome to my blog! (Applause) "Ah! 1nigeriangirl, where you been?" "... Thought you shut down..." ".... Refreshed, but I didn't see anything.." I've been okay. I just went on a hiatus from Jan 1 which I didn't want to announce on here (I'm not back yet o). Anyway, your girl … Continue reading When They See Us / Nigerian Twitter

The Discussions we never had (1)

Mental Health : The Ingrid Goes West Review #IAmIngrid Hey there, you guys. I just finished seeing a movie and I am flooded with a lot of emotions. Funny, its 11:42pm and I have a psychology paper in the morning but all I want to do right now is write. Apt, because the movie I … Continue reading The Discussions we never had (1)

Bia, Meghan is not Nigerian…

Now, I’m going to advice, before you proceed, please calm down, because what I’m about to say will have so many people up in their feelings for the wrong reasons – unless of course, you calm down and understand the point. Anyway, if you didn’t know, HRH PRINCESS HENRY OF WALES is one of the … Continue reading Bia, Meghan is not Nigerian…