For Justina…

July 26 2014 7:35 AM "Babe, it's my mother again! She wants to talk to you - yeah, she's coming - but why must you people have your women talk on my phone na...? " His voice is an echo in my subconscious and if I focused a little, I'd hear him chuckle. It triggers … Continue reading For Justina…


There are cracks appearing on our house. The kitchen wall, if you pass the backyard, by the pipes. It's reminiscent of mother and father's marriage - Cracks! He brought another baby home, yesterday. The mother doesn't want her, he says. I now have two siblings that Mother didn't give birth to. I don't know how … Continue reading Cracks

May 30

Moving to the East was proof of what you already knew - Nigerian parents are annoying. Unprovoked! Everyone and their mama was going to Uniben, Delsu - or even Babcock. The rich people's children were going to Canada. It was the first time you heard the word. Canada! To you, it sounded like snow, cold … Continue reading May 30

When They See Us / Nigerian Twitter

Ladies, Gentlemen and other individuals, welcome to my blog! (Applause) "Ah! 1nigeriangirl, where you been?" "... Thought you shut down..." ".... Refreshed, but I didn't see anything.." I've been okay. I just went on a hiatus from Jan 1 which I didn't want to announce on here (I'm not back yet o). Anyway, your girl … Continue reading When They See Us / Nigerian Twitter

The Discussions we never had (1)

Mental Health : The Ingrid Goes West Review #IAmIngrid Hey there, you guys. I just finished seeing a movie and I am flooded with a lot of emotions. Funny, its 11:42pm and I have a psychology paper in the morning but all I want to do right now is write. Apt, because the movie I … Continue reading The Discussions we never had (1)