POWER : The Nigerian Aphrodisiac

“Madam you cannot enter the exam hall with your bag!  Are you deaf?  I said…”

“… but they’re only searching now. Checking in hasn’t started… ”

” Is it me you’re talking to like that?  Do i look like a gateman to you? If you enter that line with that bag, you’ll see whether… ”

That was one of the school security men, put in charge of inspecting students before the start of exams. He was obviously vexed by a candidate who out of sheer lateness or disregard or lack of knowledge of the rules tried to cut borders.

Now, what bothers me or what made me note that incident in one part of my tiny brain to be dropped in my blog, was the manner in which he vented his anger.

“… do i blame them?  Its because their parents have money… If i had finished class five, will any stupid girl that I’m old enough to born talk to me anyhow? Is it their fault?  I don’t blame them… ”

He ranted to no one in particular, not that anyone cared to listen, anyways. However, it’s pertinent to note here that the exam was delayed by two hours, just to show us he had power over us and he should not be dared. Those two hours spent under the scorching sun were the worst in all our lives, wondering if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed or was a plain sadist.

All my years spent, living in Nigeria, i have noted one thing about them. Now, we can be the sweetest, nicest people you’ll ever meet, but just give us a little power or authority over something and you’ll see the reason we have the kind of legacy we have.

Now, this guy would be nice, talk to everyone, greet you first thing in the morning, play the eye service thing by the book. Just let him become your course-rep, or hold position in any elective posts and see how he transforms to the Adolf  Hitler of our time. You wouldn’t only buy outrageously expensive handouts that are barely legible, you’d pay as many dues as he can come up with, oh, they will be many.

How about the lecturers who can hold on to your results just cos they don’t like your smile- it gets dumber. The drivers who leave you stranded in school or refuse to move at all, well, just cos they can. Or the politician, the councillor, the governor you see once in four years with no development trailing them.

“Excuse me o! The minister has closed for the day, so go home and come back tomorrow. If you decide to stay here, O. Y. O is your case. ”

When this becomes no longer surprising even when the minister has not seen a minimum of ten people that day. This, however is the problem with our country and no, we can’t blame the government, but ourselves. We, are the problem. Until we learn to use our brains and not sentiments, we cannot be completely free.

As you go forth to cast your votes, come Saturday 28th March 2015,
Vote wisely,
Absolute power corrupts absolutely, so,
Vote Continuity,
Vote Transformation,
Vote Freedom.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my two cents.

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