March 28

So, I’m jeh-jeh-ly lying around in my room and listening to my select beyonce tracks and my mind is running 360. Yes, this is what it does every time I’m alone. That’s when the ideas come in.

Now, i know this shouldn’t be a blog post, maybe a Facebook status or something but there’s an amount of audience i want to reach that Facebook won’t give me. Oh, and many years from now, I’d like to go back and know what i said.

If you know anyone who suffers from anxiety disorder, you’d know they worry  about every and anything [now, this is beside the point but i gotcha]
For many months now, I’ve dreaded today. March 28 somehow reminds me alot of June 12 (fears i hope forever remain unfounded). Today i understood what being a wise Nigerian actually means. To all the people who went out to vote, you’re brave, you’re our patriots, una get mind cos i heard recently that a smart Nigerian is People like me, with no PVC’s, permanent seat on the couch, watching movies all day long, thanks to Nepa.. (somehow, i never got around to calling them EEDC or whatever fancy name they decide to go by now).

Then there’s the last class of Nigerians whose power is not their vote or watching tv but on engaging in twitter & Facebook drama over this election (i blame airtel for making data plans affordable for every person *winks*)  *in mama Peace’s voice* kontinu…

Now, people, we all know what this elections would bring, Four more years of Transformation, improvement and most importantly, freedom, of speech, of person and the like, or on the other hand, the so called change we’ve been hearing about (i have no idea the changes a 78 year old can bring that a 57 year old can’t, but then Nigerians have been known to think backwards at times…. this however, is not my business and not to discredit any party or person,but to people who decided to carry today on their head, the most important thing we need now is prayers, for peace, for sustainability. Why?  Many people do not read the news and know what’s happening but come to form unintelligent satirical updates on public.

Well, in the time you’re updating your social media, some people died yesterday in the insurgents bid to disrupt the election. Oh, the bomb in Enugu?  I hope everyone heard that too. This should be our problem now because today decides if this would kontinu or not.
Not to sound preachy or anything (lol. Not that i really care how anyone interprets this) but what we should be doing now is talking to God. I don’t know about you guys, but i don’t want my generation to be the last Christians in Nigeria (Oh, and this is very possible). The first, the middle and last thing to do now, is pray. This is what we should be doing right now.
On a lighter note, tomorrow is Palm Sunday yay!  As you prepare, pray for a better Nigeria, pray for peace, forgive those who trespass against you and learn to love.

From 1nigeriangirl, this is my two cents and a beautiful beautiful Easter to all you people.

5 thoughts on “March 28

  1. Not to be sentimental… But it is my humble opinion that age stops nothing…
    From observations yesterday at the point where I presided as an officer, the ruling party is gradually loosing their grip on the minds of the average Nigerian… Their lacklustre approach to affairs in the past years is simply the only reason the opposition has some reason to smile…not that they are in any way different or better…

    I adopt your conclusion… prayer is the key…So Let’s slot it in, and connect heaven for divine peace…

    Have a beautiful palm sunday


  2. Wait oo Nepa has changed deir name again from PHCN???? Someting got me wondering yesterday during d election saga as I scrolled down my instagram home page admist d several hashtags of vote not fight, nigeria decides and co a vibrant nigerian citizen decided 2 take it upon himself/herself to attack d psquare brothers who are in London for deir concert saying dat there arent patriotic nigerians bcos dey didnt call of d show dey hv been planning since last year and has already sold out to stay back and vote. My question now is what a nigerian patriotic dese days??? Bcos if u say voting ‘wat if’ your one vote leads to d reign of tyranny in Nigeria have u not succeed in doing d opposite of being patriotic??? And to support our one nigerian girl prayer indeed is first,middle and last thing we can do for great country.


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