Saheed Came Back

I still cannot say what exactly the attraction was, the way she batted her eyelids rapidly as she responded to my questions or the way she smiled with all her teeth showing,you know the kind that tends to almost reach the ear, which on another person would look absolutely ridiculous. Yes, that one! "Saheed is … Continue reading Saheed Came Back


The Call

Music, they say, is balm to the soul. A soothing one at that, with respect to the traffic conditions in town.. or...hasn't it been said, that to survive the hours of crawling traffic in the Metropolitan city of Lagos, every car owner needed music? ...well, looks like somebody lied! In times past, all it would … Continue reading The Call

Our Mother Has Gone Mad Again

"...Sorry ma'am, call for you..." "....wondering if you're a certain Mrs              Otedola-Benson..." "... Our hospital for identification..." The voices resonating in her head were as loud as rain, yet the woman was hearing them only in snippets. She didn't understand how the voices could come from different people, first - a man, a child, then … Continue reading Our Mother Has Gone Mad Again