2016…it’s me.

1:40am 1/1/16

The first. The beginning….. The… erm… erm…. Ok, i was trying to sound philosophical, but oh, well.
At this time, I’m just back from church and I’m dead tired from all the dancing and jumping and I’m lying on my bed, about to sleep in a few – yes, I’m gonna miss the early morning firecrackers. The soul is willing, the body is weak.

2015, were you good to me or were you good to me. You see, this last year, i learned many things. Most of all that everything happens for a reason, for you to learn, every experience is a lesson… Bla bla bla.
In 2015 i went through things i never thought I’d come out from but see me now, stillstanding.

Lesson 1: Never doubt the ability of God to see you through.

In 2015,i learnt pain, the raw kind, shaken, pressed together, running over. Yes! People will let you down, let you go, take you for granted, lie to you and break your heart but you have to understand and forgive still, whatever that means. You can’t heal an injury if you keep touching it, and what’s yours will always be back.

Lesson 2: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

So….. Hello 2016,it’s me, and we are going to have a fun year. This year, like all the past years, I’m not making new year resolutions, lol. I know already that everything i asked for is coming this year, so no chill.

In 2016,I’m going to have to dedicate more time to my blog and release new stuff I’ve been holding since last year. – Dear God take the laziness from me.

In 2016,I’m going to be happy regardless. I mean there was a time i didn’t believe I’ll be alive to see 2014 to the end, but look at me now. Yeah, you get the picture.

In 2016,I’m going to be an adult. You have no idea how refreshing that feels…

In 2016,i wish you guys all the best, open doors and everything good. Yes, 2016 will be good, whether you believe it or not.

Be happy and don’t forget to begin the year with selfies.




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