Diary Of A Desperate Mrs. (1)

When are you coming back from the abroad ni? It’s getting to two years o, i miss our Saturday hangouts, this email business gets tiring with time – besides, Jide now has my new password.- this wizard husband of mine. *sigh*

By the way sef, yesterday i saw him, but he didn’t see me. I think I’m getting very good at this business.

Oh, and before you go all stella on me, and start forming #teamnosnoop, let me just tell you that i was jejely passing ooo, not snooping, in my very beaten toyota corolla – but can you imagine me, after all my undergraduate shakara, driving a beaten toyota that these careful danfo drivers have helped me patch and scratch – but that’s by the way sha.

You know that side we used to buy fish before you relocated, iya sikira’s corner? Good!  I saw my for-better-or-worse coming out of that place with the skankiest hoe in town – Okay, lemme not lie, she is fine.

My husband is cheating on me with a fine girl and he took her out for barbecue fish at the same spot we used to go every Sunday evening- Imagine!

Did i tell you that’s where i met him? You know na, you introduced us that day while i was with chief .

Iya sikira has betrayed me, after almost six years of  loyal fish buying from her and she can’t refuse to sell to my husband when he’s with his side chick? What are friends for sef, ehhn?

Anyways, he didn’t see me, I’m certain of that. The way his hands were all over her sef, I’m surprised he could see road to walk himself to his car. I just jejely took pictures for my cheating husband collection and zoomed off. I mean, with the horrible situation in the country, ain’t nobody got fuel to waste, spying on a philanderer.

Oh, do you know that fuel prices are worse than you can imagine. Yesterday, i bought a litre #250, black market price. Nne, Folake, i saw red o. With this shikini pocket money Jide is giving me, I’ll still have to share with these petrol attendants. Na wa o.

But, why am i bothering myself? In light of my new discovery, I’m definitely getting a new car soonest. How can he be cheating on me for free?


                       – Desperate Mrs. “


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