It’s January, so what?

Ok. So every first day of the month, I’m posting a so what memo, to review everything that’s gone on the past month and show you what to expect in the new month.

Since I’ve decided to leave my Laziness in 2015, January is seeing the birth of a new series. It’s  the Diary of a desperate Mrs. It comes up every Friday by 9pm.

This is just a test-run sha, let me try and graduate from my short stories. So, this is a weekly series should run for 3 months, just to test the waters.

This month too, I’m starting features. Yeah, i guess it’s too early for a new blog but there are amazing works I’ve read online that i want to share with you guys too, so every last Sunday of the month, I’ll post featured works from other bloggers. The blogosphere is big enough for everyone.

Um, what else??  Okay. At the end of every major post, I’ll be attaching my picture. Time to remove the mask and reveal the masquerade.

Okay, that’s all, happy new year.


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