Diary Of A Desperate Mrs (2)


Marry a Yoruba man, they said. 

He will take care of you, they said.

Did they bother to prepare me for the  harsh realities of marrying one?


Well, Jide did not come home yesterday, and the day before and when his benz pulled up in the driveway around 5am this morning ,i didn’t complain o.  With my sleep eye, i still went to greet him and put his food in the warmer, in case he was hungry, but did he eat? Your guess is as good as mine.

I let that one go o, before they will say I’m a nagging wife. He slept like a fool on the couch,and did i disturb him to come to the bed?


He even said mama is coming this evening. See, i don’t even have strength for unnecessary drama, he just had to invite his mother over with her wahala, without telling me.

Now, asif that one is not enough, this morning as he was going to work, i told him i loved him and he said :

“Thank you, dear”


Gini bu zi thank you dear kwanu?

What is that?

Is it not what i say to tunde every time he opens gate for me?

This man now calls me dear, just because i can’t give him a child? No, i love you honey? Abi, boo, dearest, sweetheart don finish for market?

If i talk now, you will say I’m reading too much meaning into trivialities. 

Haba! Folake wa, are you not seeing what I’m seeing?

Shine your eyes o! They are slowly making this marriage life a living hell for me.  Did you know mama brought one girl along with her? She looks sixteen or something, but you know how these village girls can look older than their ages, she’s probably twelve or something.

Anyway, that’s not what bothers me. The girl has a toddler following her upandan and mama has been giving me an evil smile and being nice all of a sudden.

What is going on? Could Jide have gotten someone else pregnant?



                               Desperate Mrs.”


Photo credit: Linda Ejiofor.


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