Let us move on

….. Let us move on

…. Let us move on… For this is short, and it will pass. 

“Let all that is lost be forgotten ”

Dido and Kendrick Lamar are giving me good vibes as I sit in the balcony, still in the dress I wore out, and trying my best not to cry. 

So, I told you guys I had something to apply for today and I was Tensed and bla bla – well, turns out I didn’t get it. Yeah, again. 

The only reason  I didn’t cry was because I didn’t want my mascara to run but now my make up is off, so I don’t care. 

She said, check back in xxxx month, when my mates would be rounding up work and gearing to go back to school, then she added with such fulfillment 

“Maybe when you’re in a higher class, you’ll have more opportunities ”

What I heard was, maybe if you had connections… Because really, if I had someone all if would have taken was one phone call, but oh well. 

How do I feel? Train wreck! I really Really wanted this, you guys would never understand, this was the building block that would grow into a big mansion or whatever.

 Leaving the office, all I could think of was Bola and how she liked to cry. My legs could barely hold me, it felt like everyone could see the rejection stamped broadly on my forehead as I tried so hard not to have a Bola moment, because I’d be more Bola than Bola can ever be. 

So, someone said hello to me as I trekked my trek of shame – He was cute, a security man, but cute anyways. I didn’t reply sha, because really God can’t be allowing bad things happen to me like this, no job, then security love. Mba! I turned to have another look, and he turned too but I couldn’t say anything. He’ll probably think I’m rude but I really didn’t want to talk to anyone, before the Rivers of Jordan will begin to flow. 

Right now, I just want to curl up and nurse my hurt with a jumbo sized Coke and pizza, but I’m broke abeg, so I just have to manage Simi singing from my phone , because last last, na poor I poor, I no kill person 

My life is slowly turning out like my far distant aunt, Naijasinglegirl. I’m 19,Single, jobless,Broke,and Nigerian. Literally, nothing can go wrong right now. 

I told someone I didn’t get the job and why. He told me to sell tomatoes. It was a joke,a bad one,  but it hurt still. My life is shit, I really don’t need reminders. 

(So, I’m finding it easier blogging about my day to day experiences. Writers bloc is holding me from being useful lol so the Wahala series is on hold) 

So, before I sign out, if you know me in real life and you stumble on this blog post someday when your life is miserable and you decide to see what this girl is up to, please don’t ask me anything about it, let’s just pretend I’m anonymous. 

2 thoughts on “Let us move on

  1. September 5 you posted this. I feel for you and I hope that things are looking up by now? If not, I hope you’ve found like a side hustle or something to keep your mind off the ‘sad’ state in addition to blogging. You’ll get there one day! Hey I’m 19 too! You mentioned criminal law in your other post, you studied Law right? Heyyy


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