You know how everyone is excited about the new year and talking about the things they’re dropping in 2017 and all that, blowing up my notifications with how they’re going to be a better person Bla Bla, stop fighting with everyone, bleh… and I’m just here like, Nigerians get too excited about everything. First, it was Christmas, the hype was for real, yet most of us spent it at home sleeping or watching movies.

Believe me, I’m grateful we’re entering a new year and we survived and all that but I still think everyone should chill with the resolutions ishh . I mean, shouldn’t you aim to be a better person daily, shouldn’t you want to make peace with your brother normally, do you really need to wait till new year’s to do it, then forget your resolutions mid January and go back to being the good ol’ you. Wa wa alright sha .

So, Now that’s off my chest. Let’s move on to the first post of the year.

You see, I’m always late, I never get ready for things and it’s an old joke that I’ll be late for my own burial – haha! In light of this, I’m not ready for 2018.

I wouldn’t really call 2017 my year, but it was good to me, especially with money. Like, a girl hustled tight and it paid. 2018 reminds me of the hustle – you know how they say no food for lazy man – forgive me but I’m not ready.

2018 reminds me of old age, I’m going to be a grown ass adult this year – Yay! This comes with a whole lot of responsibility I don’t think I’m prepared for, but it is what it is .

Like I said earlier, I’m not ready to take charge of my own life, make my own money, pay some of my bills and still be a student at the same time. I miss the days when all my problems were whether I wanted fanta with my lunch or coke. Now, back in the day, that looked like a life or death decision, well hello to grown up age, where you get to pay for your own stuff and it kind of puts everything in perspective.

2017 taught me to save. At first it was just saving up for a phone and then I found myself leaving extra change in the bank, an empty bank account began to look like an abhoration.

2017 taught me to make money. They always say in local parlance that anytime wey person wake na im morning be dat . I woke up in 2017, took my freelancing seriously, did some odd jobs here and there and started my own business. I’m not where I want to be but I’m grateful for where I’m at and the journey so far. Like, it’s great to know that when my brothers ask for something, I can give it out without having heart attack – the joy of financial freedom – Okay that’s probably stretching it too far but you know what I mean.

2017 taught me to set goals, to plan my future and end meaningless communications and relationships. I realized that it’s never too early to have a life plan and work towards it. Growing up, we kinda pushed Everything to the future hoping to cross the bridge when we get there. Well, 2018 is the bridge, we’re getting older and growing old doesn’t look so far away anymore.

I don’t know much but I know in 2018, I want to make money! I want money! I need money! Alright fellas, preach to me how vanity is… what again? Right!

A lot of my friends and people I know in real life do not read my blog no matter how many links I share and I’m totally cool with this, the girl will blow regardless, watch this space. However, I want to appreciate the people who take out their time to read what this silly girl posts.

To my friend Gift, for always reminding me to take blogging seriously and all the encouragement, I’ll probably not listen to you but I appreciate it honestly. To you Rose, sister girl and doctor in training , always reading the posts from across seven seas, this Nigerian girl appreciates you. Elizabeth, my day one, I love you.

To my TBA family, you guys are the baddest, I cannot begin to explain how much, but you guys are amazing, Alice and the team for making us appreciate this talent and teaching us to work with it. You know, once I used to be ashamed of being a blogger because I didn’t know how to explain to people that we all don’t post news stories and gossip. Sometimes people would ask me if I write, I’ll say no and I have no idea why. A lot of people have asked in real life if I’m 1nigeriangirl and I always said no. Guys I don’t know what’s wrong with me lol. I’m not anonymous like my dear aunty naijasinglegirl.com but I still like my privacy and I had enough of people asking me who I’m referring to in Bla Bla Bla post, was Bla Bla Bla post about your life and so on, guys please, let’s stop that in 2017, honestly, not cool.

As we walk into the new year, I wish you guys the best, and if you’re visiting for the first time, let’s recap some of my best posts in 2017

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Then, if you didn’t know, I guest wrote for lagosconvo.com and you can check it out below

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Happy new year, my people .

Love, 1nigeriangirl.

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