The Gratitude Challenge

I didn’t plan this to be the first post of the year, I had something else drafted out already, ready to publish on Friday. Yes, I decided to bring my posts in once a week – it’s small, I know, but at all at all, na im bad pass.

This year, I’m trying to be consistent and not overwhelm myself ,I also don’t want to feel pressured to draft something, I need my content to be coming from a place of peace, not pressure. School just opened and I’m trying to be a good student, because you know, blogging doesn’t feed me but a degree will, eventually.

Before the year goes fast and everyone forgets their resolutions, I need to chip this in quick. I was reading a post by @diaryofanaijagirl on instagram and she was all about keeping a journal this year and recording three things that you’re thankful for at 10pm daily.

I heard about this thing last year, I can’t remember where, but the concept was to get a jar, then at the end of each day, write down in a sheet of paper or sticky note, something you’re thankful for and put it in the jar. When the year begins to get stressful, you upturn the jar and read all the things you can be thankful for, instead of dwelling in your difficulties. This challenge is not easy, believe me, there would be some days all you’d be grateful for is life and that’s okay too.

Today, I called a lot of people I haven’t talked to in a minute. I don’t mean that childish ex or those people that just never mean well. I mean, the people who saw us through at a point in our lives and we just moved on from them.

I had a nanny while growing up and I spoke to her today for the first time after relocating ( You can read my relocation story here). I spent half the time on the phone crying and she didn’t notice because she was quite excited to hear from me, so she was doing a lot of talking. I noticed I’m becoming too much of a cry baby this year – story for another day, but really people are going through so much, and they’re trying so hard to be strong and stay alive for themselves and we don’t know that, ‘cos we don’t keep in touch. It was heartbreaking listening to her go about how life had been. People have it worse, and I’m not just saying. With the recession and all, a lot of people are not fine, many are broke, more are sick and most are both. It’s heartbreaking how you haven’t heard from someone in a while, only to find out they’re dead and you didn’t know because obviously, you didn’t keep in touch.

Then, there’s this teeny weeny thing we do also. We don’t give to people because we feel we’re still students, we don’t have, or it’s too small, it’ll look like an insult. Believe me, I’ve said this a lot, but do we really know if 5Naira was all that person needed to be okay and we didn’t help because we felt it was too small. I remember my sister and I helped my dad do something small recently and he was gushing his gratitude and even added ‘God bless you’ on top. Trust me, Nigerian parents are not emotional and I was like Shuu, just for this small thing? ,but it is what it is.

Basically, pick up that phone today and call somebody, do something, your widow’s mite might save their life. You see, there’s this adage that goes, if you cannot give from the little you have, when you get millions, you will still be stingy ko ko , but I’m just saying.

I have an F in keeping in touch with people. I’m hardly a calling person, you see those long phone conversations you guys do? Not for me. If I’m on the phone with you for up to an hour or half of it, believe me ,the thought of marrying you has crossed my mind. I spend my entire life on my phone, online. I’m always typing and if I pause that to call you or attend to you for that long, you best be thinking of asoebi colors.

I can also fade away from people who call me too frequently, more like, “why are you calling me, when we can discuss online? ” or the ones that you’ll be chatting with one second, and the next you see a missed video call or an incoming voice call. I mean, I’m not that awesome that you’d want to talk to me 24/7, shift fess.

On new year’s night, my sister asked me,

“Have you called Barr. Churchill? ”

I was all,

“What? Why? ”

She was looking at me like I grew I horn on my forehead.

“To wish him happy new year now. Shuu. Is that how you forget? ”

Barr. Churchill is an uncle I worked with at his chambers during the holidays and after I went back to school, I just lost touch with everyone from the office, including my colleagues. This is to show you how much of a bad person I am.

I’m working on it this year sha, I’ve called alot of people to check up and make sure they’re still alive because really, 2017 claimed way too many lives and I don’t want to lose someone and not know.

So, If you’re reading this post and you’re socially awkward like me, I hope this gives you the push you need. Then, I suggest you try the gratitude challenge too, it’ll amaze you, the little things we can Infact, be grateful for.

Love, 1nigeriangirl.

3 thoughts on “The Gratitude Challenge

  1. Well, I have the same problem with u so let me try this gratitude challenge and know whether I can be a much better person this year


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