Hotel Nigeria

I think Africa is pregnant for another Rwanda'94... And it will be born in Nigeria... I smell great war... “These radio men and their chatter, putting unnecessary fear in people .” I mutter to myself as I clear the dishes from yesternight, Geo left in the parlor. This is the second time he would be … Continue reading Hotel Nigeria


On deserving… Accolades

Hey, I’m 20, Nigerian and I deserve some accolades. First, for being Nigerian and surviving. *waits for applause* Funny how it’s 365 already and I never believed I would make it past 16. Life does come at you fast. I like to say that I am grateful for the journey and prepared to take on … Continue reading On deserving… Accolades


Stunting according to urban dictionary is basically posing to be something you’re not, in order to impress. Synonymous with fronting and in Nigeria it can be called demo or sometimes borrow pose . If you haven’t heard the #visabae gist, then you’re late to the party, but I got you covered. So, according to all … Continue reading STUNTING OR PACKAGING : THE #VISABAE FOCUS

Soja come. Soja go.

I Watched the back of the man walking by, my heart in trembling palpitations, silently hoping it wasn't him with those girls. First he dropped one off and picked another on his way out. Staring out of my apartment window, I hoped it wasn’t him but even I knew the fates were not in my favor that night, and I stood for the entire 30 minutes it took him to be done and leave her apartment.