Life Lately – August. 

Hey, you guys. I’ve finally come to accept the fact that I can’t blog and school at the same time – the whole thing about schedules don’t ever work for me, because most times I’m too tired to edit drafts or photos, so they pile up in my phone.  I mean, I started writing this post in June, so you see where I’m coming from.

Bruh!! School is exhausting! Sometimes, I rethink the entire idea of an education, the point of the sleepless nights and when I’m this close to giving up, I remember I cannot disappoint the pops, this was his dream.

Anyway, this semester, I tried to add weight but with waking up at 6am and going to bed by 2am, juggling intense lectures with chamber meetings and all the moot court shenanigans, I think I’m like a size zero or something, now. So, awon thicker body, maybe next year. 

I was sick at the beginning of the semester and it actually threw me off, missing lectures and taking time to recover. It was hell and I really don’t like to talk about it right now, but you can read about it  here

One night, I was up, studying and I almost tore the book to shreds. Here’s an open question to all makers of law textbooks. If you guys write in simple tenses, will anybody die? Like, Google most of the time helps me translate all the jargons in my textbooks and to the lot that grab directly from the textbook, y’all are the MVPs. I have a large note and several jotters, I have to legit write every damn thing and break it down before it sticks, spending more time with little effort, while others would read straight from the material and smash an A in the exams. Same A I will stay up all night and cry before the tabernacle for. Wow!

School is exhausting and I know I’ve said it before, but the lecturers don’t make it easy, with every expected A that turns to B, staying afloat a 4.0 is still one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’re not smart, like me. I don’t even know how I survive and I have thought of other career options severally, still zilch. I’m bad for everything. Lol. I’m not complaining Sha, I just don’t want to stress myself. 

One of my biggest problems this semester was advocacy and even as I have it as a skill on my cv, it really is a zero. I’m shy for days! In sophomore year at my school, we undertake moot Court sessions and during the finals of our moot Court competition, my legs were shaking all the time I had to examine my witness. I still wonder how the judge gave me points for advocacy, because I begin to lose my voice when I have to speak in public. It’s funny because outside, I’m the life of the party – you know that child when we were younger that everyone had to hush for talking too much? Well, she still talks sha, but never in public. 

In my freshman year, I had to present Mark Anthony’s speech in front of the class and my ex never stopped teasing me with how I forgot my lines and refused to look at anyone. 

Basically, I’m just a keyboard warrior. Like, I have been editing and editing this post for hours, cutting some things out because I feel like I’m talking too much and turning you guys to my diary. 😪


I took a social media hiatus for the first time, fam. My sub expired and man was not about to bring out another 2k, now 2500 😞for data with 22 credit loads hanging, and the way Glo gulps data like Fanta. Raise your hand if you sub more than once a month, I can’t be the only one spending my private jet money on data.

 I just up and said, you know what, social media can wait.

I did not die.

 Anyway, I’m back, like I never left. I miss writing, putting pen to paper and scribbling my thoughts into my sticky notes. It saddens me to see that my last post was sometime in May and I said I’ll be consistent this year. Truth is, I had to choose between delivering quality content and posting regularly and I had to go with the former. I actually planned to schedule my posts, but then I like being spontaneous, like the one time my crush did not call me and I drafted an entire post in 20 minutes… 😌

However, we’re back Sha, like I’ve a said a zillion times earlier, 1nigeriangirl is up and running. To all of you who read old posts while I was away, I thank you, but I wonder how you can even read what I write. Like, anytime I go through my old posts, all I see are editing flaws from a rambling idiot and wonder if you people lie when you tell me it’s a nice one or it’s so funny. My friend said it’s a complex, so let’s just go with that. I mean, she’s the doctor, not me. 

One of my clients that I thought had forgotten me, hit me up to wonder where I’ve been, because I really zoned out on everybody to focus on school. It was really cute to see they noticed my absence. You see, sometimes you don’t even know your value till you’re dead or away. 

On the flip side, you guys. I think I’m slowly morphing into the younger version of the moniker, naijasinglegirl. Like, I totally love and respect her with my life but her username is beginning to represent my life. You see, these days, I either not get a text back, half hearted responses or interest from people I don’t want to be interested in me. It’s exhausting and if I start to talk about it now, we won’t leave here today. 

But quick question, if you’re not fine and you like a TDH, how you get him to pretend you’re Beyoncé? 😂. I swear, I’m asking for a friend. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Life Lately – August. 

  1. Diddy, I also sub more than once on Glo too but if I may ask, what is TDH?
    Anyway, you aren’t the only one stressed out these days, don’t need to tell you my ordeals too, you kw that, just keep on taking things one after the other and remember NEVER GIVE UP.

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  2. See how you, with mastery took our hands and led us into the happenings of your school life lately. You are smart jare. Don’t believe otherwise. Keep writing oo.

    From a fan.


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