Bia, Meghan is not Nigerian…

Now, I’m going to advice, before you proceed, please calm down, because what I’m about to say will have so many people up in their feelings for the wrong reasons – unless of course, you calm down and understand the point. Anyway, if you didn’t know, HRH PRINCESS HENRY OF WALES is one of the … Continue reading Bia, Meghan is not Nigerian…

The Calm Before The Storm

It's no longer weird to hear the excited yelps of "lafiya" and the echoing response from the other side of the street in a strange language you've never heard. It's no longer weird to see them on the sides of the street, bent in prayer.  They're here! In the one you call Mallam, for the extra … Continue reading The Calm Before The Storm


Now I have your attention, I want to talk about a funny experience that happened some time ago. See, during the rainy season, school is something else and mosquito infestation is just the beginning. I did tough guy for as long as I could but when the mosquitoes started giving me scars and injuries from … Continue reading 200 NAIRA ALMOST GOT ME RAPED 

Are we too conservative? (The Shuga Focus) 

We are the generation of change and I hope that in training the generations after us, we teach them that there’s nothing wrong with talking about “ it”. That they should know about PEP in case they’re raped or fall into occasions of exposure. That when a boy treats you like Tobi does, it’s not love but emotional blackmail. That girls like Leila are already beautiful on their own and don’t need any boy to define them.