The Discussions we never had (1)

Mental Health : The Ingrid Goes West Review #IAmIngrid Hey there, you guys. I just finished seeing a movie and I am flooded with a lot of emotions. Funny, its 11:42pm and I have a psychology paper in the morning but all I want to do right now is write. Apt, because the movie I … Continue reading The Discussions we never had (1)

Madam, I dey sick

You know how they would say, that which you judge you shall become, and we'll say, I judge you Dangote, I judge you Otedola... This time, it's something else I judged...  "Madam, I dey sick" Oh lord, let it not be waheed. "Madam, I dey sick!" The tempo went a notch higher and I pressed … Continue reading Madam, I dey sick