Celebrating Nappy Hair

I’ve been compared to a 2year old before, in comparing hair length, so believe me I know the struggle. I love to see healthy natural hair on people, but I don’t think it’s wise to compare one natural to another, it sometimes emits the wrong vibe as it looks like one person is not doing enough but while one may have bad shrinkage or poor growth, the other might just be riding on the horse of good genes, but then we’ll never know.


Nnenna, Your father says you’re upset I missed your 18th. You see, these things you do make me laugh, but maybe someday you’ll understand why I work as hard as I do and why I have to go to Africa most of the time. My father did not attend any of my birthdays and that’s putting it nicely, because I didn’t have any birthdays at all, growing up. Now, you kids grow up with birthdays at the park or house parties with friends – I even heard your father let you do this one at the club. Wawu! My child, you have certainly outdone your mother.


Hi, I'm Itohan - or should I say, was? You see, if you're reading this, I'm probably dead already. I'm hoping somehow, this letter never gets out, because, obviously. My story is not an interesting one, it won't catch the attention of blogs or social media, I'm just a grain in the heap of sand, … Continue reading MASK OFF : THE LIBYAN STORY