The People That Matter (2)

Yesterday, I read a collection of stories from a certain author on Facebook. His real names were not and cannot be revealed because I was made to understand that the stories broke some code of conduct or Ethics something in the army. Basically, they’re not supposed to expose whatever they went through, while on their … Continue reading The People That Matter (2)


The One Time Internet Banking Showed Me Pepper 

Guys, it’s 2018 and the world is going digital. Everything either has an app, website or Instagram page – even Bend down select has come to meet us on the gram. It is what it is.  I am excited for this, I tell you, especially as I’m one person that doesn’t like to  carry cash … Continue reading The One Time Internet Banking Showed Me Pepper 

Hotel Nigeria

I think Africa is pregnant for another Rwanda'94... And it will be born in Nigeria... I smell great war... “These radio men and their chatter, putting unnecessary fear in people .” I mutter to myself as I clear the dishes from yesternight, Geo left in the parlor. This is the second time he would be … Continue reading Hotel Nigeria


The ceremony starts with the young man in question heading to the village market with his machete, sword or big knife, followed by an entourage singing and dancing. It is an age old tradition that young men be initiated into manhood at the village market in honour of whatever god of the market. This has sparked a lot of religious debate and for this reason, after converging at the market, they head to their various churches for blessings, skipping all the traditional rituals and libations that should have been done.


Once, I had a bad fall, an accident if you may. You see, I’m not much of a sports person, I just run a bit, here and there to get by the day. So, my association in church had a sports event to mark the end of the year and it was all fun and games, you didn’t have to know how to play any of the sports, it was just for fun and to celebrate togetherness but well, McClumsy fell.


Growing up Nigerian, I heard a lot of stories ,fables and motivational speeches about how beauty was superficial, how the inner something matters the most and how if you were beautiful you had to go the extra mile to prove to the world you had brains to go with it. The logic was simple, you just couldn’t be smart and slay at the same time, the only time the letters SS came together, was in relation to the dreaded condition.